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Prank Stories : School

True Story  Ha! Ha! Send This to a friend! 11,626 hits
Rated: G     

Submitted by: Blade
Release Date: 9/4/2000
Date Added: 9/5/2000
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Ok one day there was this kid. He was fed up with his teachers, hes computer lab teacher was new so he knew more about computers then she did. So once he was completey fed up with his teachers crap he started to plat is ALL MIGHTY REVENGE apon his school. Sence he was the fastes tiper and know more about computers then anyone in his school. He was called out of Homeroom a lot to help teachers so he know a lot about the school network and where to start his EVIL PLAN. So after 6 weeks or planing And Programing. He devloped a program that would once entered in school computer network would spred and infect every computer 1 by 1 over the corse of 3 weeks so noone would relly notice. So 3 weeks befor April 1 he was called to a class to help the teacher with the computer he inplanted the Virus it started to spred and in 2 weeks he wanted it to be a foney computer virus so on April 1st at 12:57:00 PM he asked to go to the bathroom in stead of going to the crapper he went to the computer lab and at 1:00:00pm in the computer lab his computer lab teacher asked hem what he was doing there he snaped his fingers and at that same sec. every computer in the school had a message pop up on the screen with a countdown sawing 1min. to compleat virul takeover the school was in CHAOS not knowing what to do after 5 min. of non stop madness it stoped and none but hem had a clue it was a fake virus everyone thought it was real. he was never cought .

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A Boys Revenge