A little something "ex"-tra for that hungry co-worker!

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Prank Stories : Business

Chocolate Surprise!  Ha! Ha! Send This to a friend! 16,519 hits
Rated: G     

Submitted by: Dave
Release Date: 1/9/2005
Date Added: 12/5/2005
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Here's a practical joke some coworkers of my uncle once played on their foreman. They worked on a pipeline crew and their foreman was in the habit of helping himself to the desserts in their lunches. One day, one of the guys got his wife to make a delicious chocolate cake and to add a generous portion of ex-lax for good measure. True to form, the foreman pilfered the treat and shortly thereafter got more than he bargained for. The guys busted a gut to see the foreman disappear behind the nearest hill or whatever was on hand every few minutes. Ovee the next few weeks when someone would offer the foreman some of their dessert he declined, lol.

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A little something "ex"-tra for that hungry co-worker!