This is very funny, especially in a restaurant!

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Prank Stories : Miscellaneous

AH A MOUSE!!!  Ha! Ha! Send This to a friend! 13,528 hits
Rated: G     

Submitted by: Carl ~Sparx~
Release Date: 9/21/2003
Date Added: 12/29/2003
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Okay, this one is another good one. All you have to do is find a paper napkin. Get about 2 or 3 of them and unfold all of them until they are all thin. Then put them together and leave them on the table. Get some sort of fruit (MUST BE ROUND) and place the napkins on top of it. Then push the napkinds down so that it covers half of the round fruit. Then get the four corners of the napkins and twist them until they remain twisted. Get a marker and draw a face of a mouse. Get string and tap it to the back. Then when its done, test it by round the fruit with the napkin over it across the table. It should be wobbley so that it looks real. Then go to a restaurant and throw it on someones table. It will scare the HELL out of someone!

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This is very funny, especially in a restaurant!