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Prank Stories : Miscellaneous

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Submitted by: Phil
Release Date: 2/21/2003
Date Added: 4/21/2003
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Every February, my youth group has a camp to the Pennsylvania Mountains. We played several pranks, but nothing too special. Itching powder in sleeping bags(a must) and kidnapping a statue of Elvis that the youth group leaders kept in the kitchen cabin. We videotaped ourselves, and held it for a ransom, lol! We locked the doors that night, to find that senior high broke in, stole it from us, and held their own ransom! Haha!

Now, to the best part!

The Church's camera had 1 picture left, and the group picture that was taken will be mailed to everyone who went on the trip. The whole youth group was standing, waiting for our picture to be taken. My frend got sick, and stayed in the cabin.(Or so everyone thought except for us). Here, he just as the picture was about to be taken, he set off a REALLY LOUD firecracker. Im no pyro-maniac, so I dunno exactly what kind of bomb it was, but it was loud, and startled everyone. Also, it startled Pam(The leader taking the picture) and she hit the button to take the picture. Today, I just got the picture, and everyone's jumping and startled. LOL! Some girls are on the ground taking cover!!!!! LMAO! To make it better, he made the bomb go off ON THE HOOD OF THE BUS! Now, there is a permanent black spot on it! haha Well, I hope u liked my prank. Thanks for listening!

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The last picture on a great vacation!