Really Funny Telephone prank...annoy the victim real bad!

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Prank Stories : Miscellaneous

Annoying Telephone Prank  Ha! Ha! Ha! Send This to a friend! 41,516 hits
Rated: G     

Submitted by: Paritosh Mathur
Release Date: 6/29/2002
Date Added: 7/12/2002
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This prank has been successfully tried at many gatherings. Here's what you do: Get about 10 to 1 friends to assemble at a place with a telephone. (I suggest either going to a telephone booth or callng from a phone which neither of you owns in case the victim has caler ID.) Now one at a time, call the victim and ask for a person named Jeremy. (Or any other name of your choice.) After the third caller has called, the victim is bound to become really annoyed. Listen to him yell at the top of his voice when the fourth caller calls. After all ten have called, you call him and say, "Hello, would you please tell me if anyone left a message for me on your phone? My name is Jeremy and I was expecting some really important calls, but couldn't attend to them due to some important work. Thanks!" Listen to whatever the victim says, delibrately laugh together and hang up. This is a classic prank and can work on almost any gathering.

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Really Funny Telephone prank...annoy the victim real bad!