Make it look like some one pissed in thier pants while sleeping in class!

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Prank Stories : School

Pee pants  Ha! Ha! Ha! Send This to a friend! 19,425 hits
Rated: PG-13     

Submitted by: jose a.k.a. STONE
Release Date: 5/16/2002
Date Added: 5/26/2002
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so ok me and my friend where like ploting on how to end the school year with everyone recognizing us.but first we wanted to embarass some one really we were thinking over the phone and we thought that the most emmbarasing thing that could happen to an 8th grader is to pis in his we got a little squirt bottle and put piss in it you could also put apple in first period we have to read for 45 mins.and some of us sleep through that class.and the guy beside me always goes to i desided to play it on first i checked if he was asleep.and the teacher was turned around and so i spreyed my piss on his pants and on theseat also in the the bell rings and we all get out except for him he was the last one out.and so i told everyone that he pissed on his pants and everyone checked the dseat and we all laughed our asses off.

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Make it look like some one pissed in thier pants while sleeping in class!