A couple of good pranks you can play on people

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Prank Stories : Computers

Anarchy  Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Send This to a friend! 52,926 hits
Rated: G     

Submitted by: Niko --- The Anarchist
Release Date: 3/23/2002
Date Added: 3/31/2002
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1) Blue Screen Of Death 2) C: Drive Delete 3) Fake Microsoft Word Virus 4) Mess With The Mouse 5) Program Anarchy 6) Most Evil

1) Blue Screen Of Death This is a very good prank. Now there are a few different ways you can go about applying it to your victim's computer. You can make a batch file (*.bat), then edit it with the text editor so that it contains the text:




And then put this file into the folder

C:\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp

This will cause it to open every time your victim restarts their computer. Or you can just type C:\Aux\Aux or C:\Con\Con into the Start/Run program or the internet browser. All of these will cause the computer to crash.

2) C: Drive Delete This prank is very evil and should not be carried out! All you have to do is go to your victim's computer, open the MsDos Prompt, and type Deltree /y c:/*.* and hit Enter. This will erase their C: Drive!!!

3) Fake Microsoft Word Virus This is a funny prank and at the same time it disables Microsoft Word (double the fun!). All you have to do is open Microsoft Word, right click on the main toolbar and then select the Visual Basic toolbar (if they don't have it this prank won't work). Now click the button that looks like a Play button (the little triangle). Now in the top text box (where you type the name of the Macro) type AutoOpen and click Create (on the left side of the form that opened when you clicked the Play button). Now you will be in the Macro Editor. Make sure you are writing on the line directly above the words End Sub or else it may not work. Now type:

MsgBox "Your computer is infected with the VBS.Illicit virus", vbCritical, "Anti-Virus"

all on the same line. Now go to the next line and write:


This will make is so that when your victim opens Microsoft Word, a message box saying that they have a virus will pop up. When they click Ok, Microsoft Word will shut down. It's a very funny prank. Good to leave in school computers.

4) Mess With The Mouse Swap the right and left mouse buttons around for a very annoying affect. All you do is click Start/Settings/Control Panel/Mouse, click on Pointers and switch the mouse buttons around. Once again it can get very annoying!

5) Program Anarchy Double click on the Task Scheduler (it's on the System Tray - a little blue and white square with a clock and a book on it). Now set it so that all their different programs open at different times of the day! It can be a real pain in the ass.

6) Most Evil Open a text edit (Notepad, if your in an MsDos Prompt, type Edit) and open the file:


Find the line (you can use the Search option) which says:


And change it to an EVIL message such as "You computer has been hacked" and save it. The computer will continue to work correctly but when it is restarted, it will display your message and it will not load up anymore. A very evil prank.

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A couple of good pranks you can play on people