On the last day of grade 12 at our school, we always have what the students call a "muckup day" ....

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Prank Stories : School

Muckup Day  Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Send This to a friend! 13,946 hits
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Submitted by: Marc
Release Date: 5/23/2001
Date Added: 6/1/2001
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On the last day of grade twelve at our school, we always have what the students call "The Muck-Up Day"

This year we finished grade twelve and had all recieved our certificates and stuff like that.

So we decided to really get into the spirit, and heres what we did...

Well, to start off in the morning we arrived at school one and a half hours before it started. We had one of those cans of fake cream, like you use on cake sometimes. When no-one was looking, (and we didn't have to be too careful because there was almost no-one at school at this time) we emptied the entire can all over the deputy principles (who nobody likes) car.

We rubbed it all over the car, including the windscreen, the boot, and the number plates. Then we ran off quickly.

Next, we went to the library. A few days before, we had went to a farmer we know who keeps chickens, and after us telling him what we were going to do with them, agreed to sell them to us for two dollars each. So we bought six of them and tye-dyed them all the colours of the rainbow the day before muckup day. So here we were in the library, each with two chickens in our bag. We first went to the back of the library, and released one of the chickens from our bag. We then went to the TV room ( a section of the library), and released one there.

We then went back outside and waited within hearing distance to see what would happen. All of a sudden the silence was broken by someone yelling "Theres a CHICKEN in the library!!) All of a sudden, everyone started stampeding to the back of the library to have a look, so we followed.

Then the teacher-librarian started trying to catch the chicken, when it was joined by the other one. Now imagine this. Two rainbow chickens flying all around the library with a big crowd of people chasing after them, tables tipping over, people screaming, books falling, and its a pretty funny sight.

We exited the library with everyone still chasing the chickens, and went to the office. Now the office has two doors, so we quietly released two of the chickens into one door then quickly walked up to the other one (on the other side of the building) and looked in. There were the two chickens, flying all about the room, with eight teachers chasing after it, with paper all over the floor, and everything falling off the desks. We quietly sneeked away before we were noticed.

Next we went to the toilets. We put that see-through plastic wrap over all of the toilets, except one. On that one, we sat one of the chickens, and tied it to the seat.

We then waited outside for the scream. Everyone rushed in to find a rainbow chicken sitting on the toilet seat!

We had one chicken left, and didn't know where to put it, so we left it in the sports shed and then closed the door again. There was no-one in the sports shed until our class in the second lesson of the day, so the chicken was waiting in the dark for a while.

When the time finally came, we stood back and watched the teacher open up the door, and looked in.

There were a lot of rainbow feathers on the ground, and all of a sudden, someone noticed the chicken sitting on top of the baseball bin, with all the bats and things in it. By now, everyone had heared about the other chickens showing up around the school everywhere, and promptly gave chase. We finally caught it, but only when our sport lesson was almost up. That was ok though, as we all hated school sport.

Anyway, after lunch we had assembly, and you should have heard the deputy principle!!! He was shouting so loud we thought the speakers for the microphone would break.

Anyway, the rest of the day was fairly uneventful, except for the time when an unknown person relased a baby piglet in computer studies, and when someone sent a program to the school network which made the cd rom drives on every computer open and close six time at exactly the same time.

Last we heard of the chickens, was that the sport teacher had decided to keep them and was getting fresh eggs for breakfast every morning. But we are all glad that we did everything we did do, especially since we didn't even get caught!

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On the last day of grade 12 at our school, we always have what the students call a "muckup day" ....