enough contorl-Gs to a dos box can lock it up.

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Computer Jokes : Operating Systems

Error 23 Log 48  Ha! Ha! Send This to a friend! 24,685 hits
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Submitted by: Stephen Samuel
Date Added: 4/16/2001
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Some time ago (~1984), I gained dialin access to a laboratory Unix box at the UofA. I gave access to a friend, and informed him in no uncertain terms that we were NOT to login during office hours. He violated this one rule.

I changed his login script so that, if he logged in during the day, it would clear the screen, print the message "error 21 log (some random number)". and transmit as many control-Gs as it could send over the 1200 baud link in 10 seconds before logging him out.

I forgot, however, that on the original IBM PC, a control-G beep consumes the ENTIRE machine.... The next day, I came across a message on the PC help list at the University.

I'm having a problem with my machine. While using Kermit I suddenly get the message "error 23 log 48". My PC then starts beeping, and the only thing I can do to stop is to turn it off (ctl-alt-delete doesn't even work). Does anybody know what this error means?
His next message was:
Never mind, I figured it out.

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enough contorl-Gs to a dos box can lock it up.