What having a pet would be like if Bill Gates were god!

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Computer Jokes : Miscellaneous

Bill Gates as God  Ha! Ha! Send This to a friend! 19,471 hits
Rated: G     

Submitted by: Mike Ritchie
Date Added: 11/7/2000
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Getting a pet in a world in which Bill Gates is God:

You can try any pet you want for free for thirty days. However, the pet will frequently open its mouth or beak and say "I am a shareware product. You must register me!" Your shareware pet doesn't come with food and doesn't know how to eat, in order for your pet to know how to eat, you must register it. Once you register it, you will be sent a month's worth of food. However, you must pay me to keep recieving its food. Some abilities of your pet aren't available in the shareware version. Such as eating (see above) mating, love, and sleep. You must register in order for your pet to gain these abilities. In order to register, you must sacrifice $30 dollars cash to me at the alter, no checks or credit cards will be accepted. If you do not register your pet, it will expire in 30 days. (C) 200 - 2000 Heaven Inc.

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What having a pet would be like if Bill Gates were god!