A quick guide to Intel processors

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Computer Jokes : Miscellaneous

Guide to Intel Processors  Ha! Ha! Send This to a friend! 12,070 hits
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Submitted by: Unknown
Date Added: 8/7/2000
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For those who are confused by the various processor offering by Intel, here's a quick guide to clear you up.

8086: A spacious closet. Has four walls and plenty of shelf space. It's a lot better than keeping your stuff in stacked cardboard boxes like you had to with the 8080.

8088: A spacious closet like the 8086, but lacks the mirrored doors and instead uses a narrower door made of standard plywood. Not as pretty, but less expensive.

80286: A closet as with the 8086, but includes a small trap door on the ceiling that you can climb up with great effort to reach a larger attic to store stuff in. The door is sufficiently small that you can only shove small things in or out of it.

80386: A 1930s victorian house somewhat rundown, but acceptable. Has a closet, but also has a large garage. You can be in the garage or the closet, but you can't have a closet or a workbench in the garage. An option in building allows you to build out the house into several small closet size apartments. Each occupant of an apartment is unaware they have any neighbors. (Unless they give a note to you to post on the board in front hall for other neighbors to see.)

80386SX: Another 1930s house, but this one doesn't have the double doors in the entry.

80486: A small condo with closets.

80486SX: The same condo, but with strong owner's association. You can buy the condo for less money, but you can't get the keys unless you buy them from owner's association for a large fee.

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A quick guide to Intel processors