This was so good, we had to take pictures of it!

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Computer Jokes : Technical Support

Nothing is working!  Ha! Ha! Send This to a friend! 23,166 hits
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Submitted by: Jon
Date Added: 9/30/2001
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I worked for a large electronics retailer as A PC tech for 2 years, never have I ever seen anything that came close to this. A Customer had brought in his E-machine computer (Top quality there to begin with). The complaint was that the Floppy drive was no longer reading disks, the CD-rom drive would not even close anymore. After the initial check-in procedures were done, I just had to see what was causing the problem. CD_ROM PROBLEM: cd-rom would only close half way. DIAGNOSIS: The customer's kid had the CD in half-cocked in the tray then proceeded to ram the tray in repeatedly trying to close the drive. The cd actually penetrated the metal seam in the back of the drive and was half way out. FLOPPY DRIVE PROBLEM: Not reading disks at all. DIAGNOSIS: After pulling the floppy drive, I noticed crumbs falling out. His kids had repeatedly fed either cookies or brownies into the floppy drive! I explained to the customer that both cases were not within the limits explained in the warranty and that he would have to pay for the labor and the parts, he didn't argue.

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This was so good, we had to take pictures of it!