Sometimes thing get stuck in a printer...

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Computer Jokes : Technical Support

You need to print on paper...  Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Send This to a friend! 10,406 hits
Rated: PG-13     

Submitted by: Myke
Date Added: 6/5/2001
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I was working in a small company when a customer brought me is inkjet printer saying the paper isn't feeding properly again... I told him that the feeding roller is probably to blame when frustrated he interupted me saying he brought his printer 3 months ago and we replaced his roller and he whant to see the roller himself before I change it(I hate to be interupted when I say something). I brought him in the workshop and tried to make a test on his printer. It wasn't working... I removed the paper in his tray and with a screwdriver pulled something that was obstructing the roller.Sometimes a paperclip or a pencil get stuck in there, this time it was a used condom. I then screamed out" Hey Peter, how do we charge for a condom stuck in the feader?" the customer came from pink to purple. He paid the bill and we never saw him again.

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Sometimes thing get stuck in a printer...