Trick a friend to think someone is in love with them

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Prank Stories : Computers

Cyber Love  Ha! Ha! Send This to a friend! 11,238 hits
Rated: PG-13     

Submitted by: Jillian
Release Date: 1/3/2003
Date Added: 2/6/2003
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This can only work if you have msn, aol, yahoo, (etc.) messengers. Sign up for a new account and make your screen name something like this, (L)(L)(L)I LOVE __________(L)(L)(L). make your profile seem like you are a stalker. Also, don't use a real persons name that you know, that can lead to emotional damage which makes it even funnier.Send (X) e-mails telling them to meet you at a secret loction and how much youlove them. Trust me, it works, i'm doing this to a friend now for revenge. She is totally creeped out. It works better for girls than guys, just to let you know.

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Trick a friend to think someone is in love with them