2 way stink bomb

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Prank Stories : School

Stink bomb  Ha! Ha! Send This to a friend! 10,520 hits
Rated: G     

Submitted by: mr.typhoon
Release Date: 6/23/2002
Date Added: 6/28/2002
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this is the best stink bomb ever so take some limburger cheese chunks(about the size of a qurter)cut them up(use a closehanger to put on you'er nose)get a coak can and drink it cut of the top stick in limburger cheese chunks in the can and put in 2 eggs and some mlik tell it fills up to the mid. piont put duck tape on the top and stick in the sun for a day then cut a hole in the top with a nife in the shape of a x and take it to a shcool rivils house with a note saying"dear shcool rivil this is you'e rivil i'm waveing the white flag in you'er name here is a fresh sent saying you win" and they will smell it and puck!

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2 way stink bomb