revenge to the pain in the ass neighbor

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Prank Stories : Miscellaneous

Moonlight Serenade  Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Send This to a friend! 5,481 hits
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Submitted by: Dr. Evil
Release Date: 4/4/2002
Date Added: 4/19/2002
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The best way to pull off a perfect prank is the element of surprise! and the best pranksters are in a way...."tricksters". Where they create situations for the victim to get them selves.

This fun prank involves an old lawnmower,a garden hose,sprinkler. 1. get a good running piece of crap lawnmower and set it up in your vitims yard in the middle of the night.

2.hook up the gardenhose and sprinkler to the house with a "ball valve" switch (can be bought at the hardware store), tie a trip line to the switch and anchor everthing securly to the ground in the path of the victim as they come out of the house( half asleep) hehe.(don't forget to remove the faucet handle so it cannot be turned off from the source)

start the lawnmower outside of the bedroom window ,and run like hell! as the victim comes out of the house ,he/she will trip the line....opening the ballvalve switch.....getting soaked by the sprinkler....before reaching the lawnmower to shut it off.

in short...the lawnmower was the "vehicle".to get them outside..the real prank was soaking with their own water(which they cannot turn off easily since they'll have to wake up 1st then find the hidden ballvalve.

however...if you want to be real evil,and go one step too far as most of us normally do... you can run a small wire from the spark plug to the handle or the off switch on the lawn mower, would be a good shock...hehehe...just in case they aren't awake enough.

remember , alot can go wrong.when dealing with variables with dangerous elements. one should not leave the area completly...just have a video camera on hand and enjoy

"a professional always takes responsibility for the mayhem they create"

heart attacks are more common than we think.....don't kill anybody...know who your dealing with I always make friends targets....not enemies
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revenge to the pain in the ass neighbor