Scaring my dad, sisters and mum all in one!

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Prank Stories : Computers

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Rated: G     

Submitted by: Kezy
Release Date: 5/30/2001
Date Added: 6/3/2001
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Well, I downloaded this great little program off this site, actually. Its called Remote HAVOC, its a trojan that runs over a local area network. Great, I could use it to freak dad out because of his new network he put in. So I intalled the server part on his machine when he was away. After a while of playing around with it I realised that there wasnt much I could do without it bieng obvios there was a virus. Soon I realised that an even better one would be my sisters. One day when my parents were out and my smaller 6 year old sister was playing on the pc I sent here a messae saying 'Hi, Zemyna'. Seconds after I sent it I heard a scream and she screamed 'LAIMA(other sister, KEZY(me), theres something going on on my pc' Laima rushed in. Before I went I typed in 'Hello, Laima, I can see you!' They both screamed and I rushed in surpressing a smile. 'Whats going on?' 'Theres someone WATCHING US!!!' After a while I came up with an excuse to go back to my room. They had drawn the curtains and I said 'Are you afraid of me, it that why you closed the curtains? Im in the forest on the other side of your garden.' I made it so it typed it on notepad instead of showing it all at once. So I walked into the room when it was typing so they wouldnt suspect. When dad came home I quickly turned off the CD opener, mouse reverser, thousands of messages, opened up the start menu etc. You should have seen the look on his face when he walked into her room after hearing about how mucked up her PC was, and the story of the killer, and went in to find the PC looking perfectly normal, with no problems at all.

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Scaring my dad, sisters and mum all in one!