Top Ten Signs You're Using Windows

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Computer Jokes : Operating Systems

Using Windows?  Ha! Ha! Send This to a friend! 7,927 hits
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Submitted by: Eddie Gaul
Date Added: 11/11/2001
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Top Ten Signs You're Using Windows

What are the *real* signs that you're using Windows, Microsoft's closed-source abomination upon man and beast?

10. You often see dialog boxes that contain "Microsoft" and "Windows" in the title bar.

9. If you're discussing computers with a friend, and your friend asks you what OS your computer runs, you say, "Windows."

8. If you have a problem with your computer, and you call tech support, you confirm that your computer is using Windows.

7. If someone asks you whether you use Windows, you say, "Yes."

6. If you're in a bookstore or library, looking for books to help you run your computer, you look for "Windows" in the title.

5. You have Alt-Tab switching.

4. If you read the "help" or "about" information for your operating system, it mentions the fact that you are using Windows.

3. Your operating system is a very popular one that is manufactured by Microsoft.

2. When you start up your computer, the splash screen says "Microsoft Windows."

1. makes fun of you a lot.

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Top Ten Signs You're Using Windows