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April Fools Day Pranks

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Have you see any stickers anywhere? How about our website address somewhere? Email a photo of it to [email protected].

Check out some of these other photos of sitings....

  • McDonald's did not like the sticker on their drivethru window and tried to peel it off (multiple times). Thanks Megan.
  • Shauna went on the plane and slapped our sticker on the plane crash instructions!
  • Jimmy in Florida sent this from a Taco Bell drive through. Good work Jimmy!
  • Jan was in some country and typed this on the keyboard so it would appear on the terminal. Thanks Jan!
  • Another one from Dean in Bumfuckegypt on some dude's truck. (I see you!)
  • Dean from Bumfuckegypt got back at these varmets for buying up all the houses. I am sure they appreciate our sticker on their sign.
  • Bill took this picture in Mexico at a bar he visited. Don't ask me why he had our sticker at a bar...?
  • Eddie from Wisconsin sent us his cars backwindow with a sticker on it.
  • Matt in Colorado sent us this photo with our sticker on a McDonalds drive through garbage can.
  • Tarak from California sent us this photo from a Taco Bell drive through in San Deigo where he slapped our sticker on there.
  • Tarak also sent us this photo from the same Taco Bell where they took off the sticker on there ATM drive through sign. Good work Tarak!
  • Dan sent us this photo from a hostel in Berlin where he etched into the bed. Thanks Dan!
  • Dan submitted this photo when he slapped a sticker near Truemellbach Falls in Switzerland.

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