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Mailing List Advertising

Our mailing lists send out information on the latest additions, featured picks, new features, most popular and more. This is not unsolicited email or spam. We keep all our past issues online, so you can click here to check them out. By sponsoring our mailing list, your message will be sent to our entire mailing of individuals who voluntarily subscribe to our mailing list.

Banner advertising is a popular and effective method of Internet advertising, but it does require that our users visit our Web site in order to see your marketing message. But ComputerPranks.com can provide a way for your message to visit our users directly - through sponsorship of our mailing list.

ComputerPranks.com keeps both industry professionals all the way down to first-time computer users looking forward to each and every mailing. It is because of the unsurpassed content that we have such overwhelming reader support; seldom is an issue deleted before it is read.

We have two different types mailing list subscribers, text and html. View the information that best suits your companies needs.

Rate Card

Mailing List Advertising CPM
Text based $1.50 $20.00
HTML based $1.00 $17.00
CPM = Cost Per Thousand Impressions
(Price valid from March 1, 2002 - August 1, 2003)

As an advertiser, you are sure to reach a fresh audience which offers you both reach and frequency through ComputerPranks.com. Our steady growth rate is phenomenal, with 3,500 new subscribers every month. The subscription management team keeps the ComputerPranks.com databases clean by removing invalid e-mail addresses on a daily basis, as well as providing fail-safe unsubscribing instructions within every mailing.


Our demographics are unique because we attract a wide range of individuals. Click here to review the results of our most recent website polls. We are confident with our visitors honesty and integrity in their responses to our questions.

Mailing List Statistics

Our content drives thousands of visitors each month to signup for our mailing list. View the table below for a breakdown of the mailing list statistics:

HTML Subscribers: 111,490      Text Subscribers: 482,369

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A mix of computer pranks, gags, funny software, funny images, humor postcards, media humor and other silly stuff!